Greater Than Our Doubts

Homily for December 23 | Friday of the 4th Week of Advent Elizabeth, a woman who was once barren, has given birth to John. What an incredible miracle for the Lord to have blessed her in that way. And because of that, everyone in her family knew; everyone in the town knew; they were allContinue reading “Greater Than Our Doubts”

Praise, Thanksgiving, Fidelity

Homily for December 22nd | Thursday of the 4th Week of Advent There is such a beautiful connection between the two women that we hear about in our readings this morning. Both women, Hannah and Mary, are overjoyed at the news of the birth of their sons and offer the Lord praise and fidelity. Remember,Continue reading “Praise, Thanksgiving, Fidelity”

Trust Leads to Mighty Deeds

Homily for December 19th | Monday of the 4th Week of Advent In our readings this morning, we hear the beginnings of the lives of two people who would become so central in the history of salvation: Samson and John the Baptist. Between the two, there are quite a few parallels. Both Samson and JohnContinue reading “Trust Leads to Mighty Deeds”

Recognizing God’s Presence in the Other

Homily for Monday of the Fourth Week of Advent Every time I read this interaction between Mary and Elizabeth, I always find myself imagining the joy that each of the women had when they saw each other. Both of them had received incredible gifts from God. Elizabeth – once barren – now bears a sonContinue reading “Recognizing God’s Presence in the Other”