The Heart of the Christian Faith

Homily for the Easter Vigil in the Holy Night Before we begin the homily this evening, I want to offer a word of welcome to our Elect and their family members and friends who have joined us this evening. This is the longest Mass that you will ever attend – that’s a given. But itContinue reading “The Heart of the Christian Faith”

Uncomfortable with Jesus’ Message

Homily for Monday of the 3rd Week of Lent Many times throughout His preaching, Jesus made those who were hearing His message uncomfortable. Speaking the Truth will often cause that reaction in others. But Jesus’ words were not meant to be condemnatory. In fact, they were meant to be the exact opposite. He simply wantedContinue reading “Uncomfortable with Jesus’ Message”

Petitions of the Our Father

Homily for Tuesday of the 1st Week of Lent In our Gospel that we’ve just heard, Jesus introduces the disciples to a new way of prayer that leads to a deeper and more intimate relationship with God as Father. Some of the Church Fathers, Origen being one of them, believed that the Our Father markedContinue reading “Petitions of the Our Father”

We Have a Choice to Make

Homily for Monday of the 1st Week of Lent In this reading that we have just heard from the Book of Leviticus, Moses is instructing the people of Israel on how they are called to live. It’s sort of an expansion of the Ten Commandments. Think about the teachings of the Church today and howContinue reading “We Have a Choice to Make”

Forgotten Identity

Homily for the First Sunday of Lent Put yourself in Jesus’ shoes. You’ve been wandering in the desert for 40 days and nights. You’re starving! You’re tired! You’re exhausted! Then suddenly, as you’re feeling all of those things, when you might be at the most vulnerable state, the Devil comes and throws these three temptationsContinue reading “Forgotten Identity”