God Hears Humble Hearts

Homily for Saturday of the Third Week in Lent Throughout His preaching and His public ministry, Jesus never missed the opportunity to remind the Scribes and the Pharisees about how they were falling short of being the leaders of the Jewish community. Jesus continues that same message in today’s Gospel. He is calling out theContinue reading “God Hears Humble Hearts”

Extending God’s Mercy

Homily for Tuesday of the Third Week in Lent All of our readings for Mass this morning focus on the theme of mercy: recognizing how God has been merciful to us and how we are called to extend that same mercy towards those we encounter. In the first reading from the Book of Daniel, Azariah,Continue reading “Extending God’s Mercy”

Zeal for God’s House

Homily for the Third Sunday in Lent Introduction – I have a confession. I’m addicted to my phone. I am constantly texting my best friends and no matter how much I try, I usually end up spending ungodly amounts of time on Instagram. But this Lent I have been working on detaching. So far itContinue reading “Zeal for God’s House”

Two Favored Sons

Homily for Friday of the Second Week in Lent This morning we hear the stories of two favored sons. In the 1st reading, we hear about Joseph being sold by his brothers into slavery because, ultimately, they were jealous of his relationship with their father. Joseph’s brothers despised him for being the favored son inContinue reading “Two Favored Sons”

Who Is Your Lazarus?

Homily for Thursday of the Second Week in Lent Some of you know that I was asked to participate in the virtual Lenten Retreat with Pray More Novenas, a great resource for Catholic prayers and novenas for throughout the liturgical year. (More information on the retreat is available here: http://www.praymoreretreat.org.) One of the talks forContinue reading “Who Is Your Lazarus?”

Acknowledge Sin and Return to God

Homily for Monday of the 2nd Week in Lent In our first reading this morning from the Book of Daniel, we kind of have a synopsis of the history of the people of Israel, how they constantly turned away from God despite continually being called to follow His commands and precepts. Throughout the Old Testament,Continue reading “Acknowledge Sin and Return to God”

Identify. Surrender. Receive. Commit.

Homily for the First Sunday of Lent, Year B Introduction All of us, like Jesus, have been invited to go out into the desert for 40 days to be tempted. What would your biggest struggle be? What would you not be able to live without for 40 days? What would you be willing to leaveContinue reading “Identify. Surrender. Receive. Commit.”