Two Favored Sons

Homily for Friday of the Second Week in Lent This morning we hear the stories of two favored sons. In the 1st reading, we hear about Joseph being sold by his brothers into slavery because, ultimately, they were jealous of his relationship with their father. Joseph’s brothers despised him for being the favored son inContinue reading “Two Favored Sons”

Who Is Your Lazarus?

Homily for Thursday of the Second Week in Lent Some of you know that I was asked to participate in the virtual Lenten Retreat with Pray More Novenas, a great resource for Catholic prayers and novenas for throughout the liturgical year. (More information on the retreat is available here: One of the talks forContinue reading “Who Is Your Lazarus?”

Acknowledge Sin and Return to God

Homily for Monday of the 2nd Week in Lent In our first reading this morning from the Book of Daniel, we kind of have a synopsis of the history of the people of Israel, how they constantly turned away from God despite continually being called to follow His commands and precepts. Throughout the Old Testament,Continue reading “Acknowledge Sin and Return to God”