The Power of God’s Grace can Change the World

In the tradition of the Church, there are only two individuals besides the Lord Jesus who have their birthdays celebrated with a special feast: St. John the Baptist and the Blessed Mother (whose nativity we celebrate today). According to some of the apocryphal writings of the early Church, the story of the birth of Mary is actually quite beautiful.

St. Gregory the Great

Homily for the Memorial of St. Gregory the Great | Please click here for the readings. In the Gospel, we just heard this command from Jesus to put out into the deep and to become fishers of men. I think that it is appropriate that we read this Gospel today on the Feast of PopeContinue reading “St. Gregory the Great”

The Passion of John the Baptist

Homily for the Memorial of the Passion of John the Baptist | Please click here for the readings. God often chooses the people we least expect to bring about change, to bring about transformation, to bring us to a moment of conversion. For instance, look at the list of Popes. Many times the men whoContinue reading “The Passion of John the Baptist”

Memorial of St. Augustine

Homily for the Memorial of St. Augustine of Hippo | Please click here for the readings. Yesterday, we celebrated the Memorial of St. Monica. If you haven’t heard the story of St. Monica, she prayed without ceasing for the conversion of her family members, most especially her son, Augustine, whose feast day we celebrate today.Continue reading “Memorial of St. Augustine”